Cloud giant skeleton

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Cloud giant skeleton

It has been reported that the world-renowned and highly trusted Smithsonian Institution was allegedly accused in a lawsuit of covering up the existence of giant humans in our past. Some supposedly had six fingers and elongated heads and carried giant weapons. Indeed, a surprising number of reports of giant skeletons do exist in old newspapers.

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All the same, you might want to take these claims with a bag of salt. The obviously human remains were allegedly excavated from an ancient burial mound near Sayre, Pennsylvania, in the s. The horns were about 5 centimeters 2 in in length, pointed, and extended from just above the eyebrows. The excavation was supposedly done by a trusted group of investigators, including Dr. Donehoo, who was the Pennsylvania state historian, and two professors, A. Skinner and W. The remains were thought to have been buried around AD There have been claims of horned human skulls excavated in Texas and New York as well.

Archaeologists supposedly came upon some very strange scenes when they started excavating Native American burial mounds around the state of Iowa. Unfortunately, the bones crumbled to dust when brought out into the air, but the team did find many artifacts with the corpse. These artifacts strongly suggested he was of high status in more ways than one. In another Iowa mound, archaeologists allegedly uncovered a large chamber in which they found 11 skeletons, all kneeling with their backs to the walls.

cloud giant skeleton

They were arranged in a circle around a giant seashell that they used to drink from. Mass suicide maybe? They also found a curious copper-colored dust that gave out such a stench when disturbed, to the point that they had to quit working until it dissipated. They believed it was dust from the dead after being deboned and cremated—something early Native Americans were thought to have practiced. Innear Steelville, Missouri, a small resort town in the Ozarks, a local boy named Billy Harman was out hunting for arrowheads in a cave.

He got much more than he bargained for.With Rosia Montana being a mining area, a number of interesting discoveries have been unearthed there over the years — one of the most interesting being a skeleton of a 10 meter About 5, years ago, an underground gallery was constructed in the region by the Agathyrsi.

In Februarya group of geologists followed the gold vein in the same place. They kept digging until they ended up at the base of the gallery. To their utter surprise, they found a gravestone which was definitely not made of common rock.

Also, the analysis revealed that the composite rock had been made using a type of technology unknown today. A number of other discoveries were made at the site in The gravestone was not the only unusual item found inside the gallery. On it, archaeologists found a 10 meter Apparently, the giant had been buried there after his death, with his legs gathered on one side. Lacking the proper equipment necessary to analyze such a find, the skeleton was sent to Moscow.

Unfortunately, nothing has been reported about the giant ever since. The discovery of a skeleton that measures 10 meters or Oculto Revalado A Verdade. As for the tombstone, a new series of research was planned to analyze it in The relic was dug up once again and measurements showed that it was six meters It weighed almost tons and contained somewhere around tons of solid gold. To make a comparison, such a quantity of gold would have required over twenty years of mining work to gather.

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The last thing known about the gravestone is that it had been cut up into 80 smaller pieces in order to make its transportation possible. As for its destination, it is not known where it lies today. One of the archaeologists working in Gallery 13 took a set of photos with the gravestone and sent them to a paleolinguist.

The latter noticed emerald green bas-relief writing covering the entire surface of the artifact. The text had been written in three parallel rows which started in the upper left. From there, the writing descended diagonally, similar to a serpent, and formed a spiral around a wolf head. Finally, the script ended in the lower right corner. The paleolinguist speculated that the unknown writing could be Pelasgian and that the discovery with its markings and writing clearly possessed great cultural and historical value.Monsters created for the 2nd edition were based on mythologies of various cultures, fantasy literatureand original inventions.

The pack consisted of 64 5-hole punched loose-leaf pages, unnumbered, providing the descriptions of the fictional monsters. Also included were 4 full-page illustrations on heavier card stock. It contained 64 unnumbered loose leaf pages and 4 pages of illustrations on heavier card stock. Primarily, these are the separate sourcebooks and expansions for the Forgotten Realms, Al-Qadim and other campaign settings produced by TSR. The Forgotten Realms Ruins of Undermountain boxed set included 8 unnumbered 5-hole punched loose-leaf pages of creature descriptions in Monstrous Compendium format.

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The Maztica Campaign Set boxed set contained 4 new creatures in the standard Monstrous Compendium format, on pages 59—62 of the Maztica Alive booklet. This page softbound book provided additional details on the history, culture and society of the dark elvesand included 9 additional creature descriptions in Monstrous Compendium format on pages — The Forgotten Realms Menzoberranzan boxed set included 7 pages of creature descriptions in Monstrous Compendium format, bound into the first book of the set The City on pages 88— The Forgotten Realms The Ruins of Myth Drannor boxed set included 8 unnumbered 5-hole punched loose-leaf pages of creature descriptions in Monstrous Compendium format.

The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd edition boxed set included 8 unnumbered 5-hole punched loose-leaf pages of creature descriptions in Monstrous Compendium format. The Forgotten Realms City of Splendors boxed set included unnumbered 5-hole punched loose-leaf pages of creature descriptions in Monstrous Compendium format. Boyd contained next to the description of many deities also new creatures. The Al-Qadim Land of Fate boxed set contained 8 unnumbered 5-hole punched loose-leaf pages in Monstrous Compendium format.

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Beyond rules summaries and handy charts, several unique monsters were presented. The Greyhawk campaign setting accessory The Scarlet Brotherhoodby Sean Reynoldscontained the descriptions of seven monsters. The Chronomancer game accessory, by Loren Coleman, contained 7 pages of monsters living on Temporal Primea fictitious dimension that allows time travel. All of the fictional creatures described in this accessory were included in the Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Threeabove, and are not reproduced here.

The Illithiad game accessory by Bruce R. Cordellin the Monstrous Arcana series, contained 7 pages of monsters linked to the illithids. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Animal skeleton.

For the polymer compound, see chitin. Wikimedia list article.Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. Bones of foot-tall body reportedly found when quarrymen were building dam in A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Welcome to our new and improved commentswhich are for subscribers only.

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Please be polite. It's OK to disagree with someone's ideas, but personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, advocating violence and other violations can result in a ban. If you see comments in violation of our community guidelinesplease report them. The story was printed on the front page of the Sauk Rapids Sentinel on Dec. A few days later, the bones were nowhere to be found, rumored to have been whisked east on a late-night train and sold to the circus.

So what happened to these giant bones? Were they part of a publicity scheme, or dreamed up by a local reporter? Although the story could just be a tall tale, Ostby leans more toward believing the story was true rather than a hoax. The water company employees reportedly discovered the bones while quarrying rock for a dam near the present day site of Lions Park, between the Sauk Rapids Bridge and the former bridge site.

The story stated the bones were in the possession of a gentleman traveling east. The unnamed gentleman supposedly sent the remains to Boston. The reporters seemed to be convinced of the validity of the remarkable discovery. But residents of Sauk Rapids complained they were left in the dark. A story from the Dec. The authors hypothesize the skeleton may have been whisked away from Sauk Rapids via a night train. Reprints of the original story and similar accounts were published in the Sauk Centre Herald and the St.There's a lot we don't know about our own human history which is why the results of archaeological excavations around the world often gain so much attention.

And to make things more confusing, digital photo editing software has allowed people to add their own creative touches to the evolutionary timeline. Look across the internet and you'll find countless examples of remarkable human remains allegedly uncovered on archaeological digs. But despite a multitude of these manipulated models, many seem to have materialized from the minds of our creative community here on DesignCrowdwho were also previously members of Worth Scroll down to see some supposed giant skeletons or click here to view more archaeological anomalies.

Check out other times our talented design community has used their skills come up with the unthinkable:. Written by Kevin Bradford on Friday, May 27, Kevin Bradford is a content editor at DesignCrowd with a background in journalism and digital production. Experienced in both writing and videography, he loves combining his skills to create captivating content across all multimedia channels.

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cloud giant skeleton

Return to the valley of the giants Artwork by Ironkite. Artwork by Ironkite. Artwork by Trit. Artwork by Anakinnnn. Artwork by Amaranto. Artwork by Mzpresto. Artwork by Yearofthedragon. Artwork by Blackbook.

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Artwork by Ufurgger.The images were assembled from various individual hoaxes that presented them with varying back stories sourcing them to recent archeological discoveries in the Mediterranean e. This is my first time seeing this even hearing about it.

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A long time friend of mine sent it today. When David slew Goliath of Gath, he was reported to be a Philistine. These photos are from a recent archialogical [sic] dig in Greece. They discovered the skeletal remains of these giants that prove the Bible true. Of course, none of these supposedly remarkable archeological discoveries has ever found its way into a museum or the pages of a scientific journal.

Like multiple other instances of giant skeleton and skull photographs, these images are all digital manipulations, often ones created for Photoshop contests hosted by various websites. The two pictures on the right-hand side of the top row, for example, are manipulated photographs of a University of Chicago dinosaur dig in Niger to which someone has added an image of a giant skull.

No such skull appears in the original photographs:. The square-cube law makes it a physical impossibility that humanoids of the size and proportions represented by these bones could ever have existed:.

cloud giant skeleton

His surface area is quadrupled, and his weight is increased eight times. His legs would snap off. The story of a Texas woman who reportedly shared a Facebook post claiming the coronavirus outbreak was a hoax — and later reportedly died from the virus — reminds us of the dangerous potential of misinformation. The coronavirus responsible for COVID has deadly adaptations that make it perfect for infecting humans.

But this is a testament to natural selection, not bioengineering.

Giant Skeleton

Pollution levels in India did drop dramatically in Aprilbut beyond that the story gets a little more hazy. The U. No, but Walmart and other stores have set aside dedicated shopping hours for senior citizens. According to Arizona Rep. Help Snopes. Become a Founding Member! Claim Photographs capture the archeological discovery of skeletal remains of giant humanoids. Rating False About this rating.

Do you rely on Snopes reporting? Become a member today. Help Supercharge Snopes For We have big plans.Choctaw legends say that after their people crossed the Mississippi River, they met a powerful race of cannibal giants. They came from the east and used mammoths as beasts of burden. When asked where the bone came from, the Indian said that long ago a race of giants had lived in the area who were 15 feet tall! So He caused a great rain to come, and the water kept rising higher and higher.

So it drove them to the hills and then to the mountains and finally to the mountain tops.

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But even the mountain tops were submerged so all the giant men were drowned. After the flood, the Great spirit decided that he had made man too large and powerful. So He would correct the mistake and make man of smaller size and less strength. He said this story is a matter of Indian history passed down from time immemorial. The Sioux say that the earth was originally peopled by giants, who were three times the size of modern man.

cloud giant skeleton

They too say that the giants denied belief in a Creator. They too say that the giants were wiped out by a great flood.

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Navaho legends also tell of a great giant that used to wander the land. They also say that giants used to live in the Grand Canyon and they were 10 to 18 feet tall. In the Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, at the base of the cliff behind the ruins of Pueblo Bonito, are a series of six-toed footprints. But the only remaining evidence was a six toed foot.

The Paiute Indians have legends about giants and how they killed them.

Tall tale? Sauk Rapids giant skeleton remains a mystery

The race of giants they called Si-Te-Ca were very tall, red-haired cannibals. The Paiutes started war against them when they entered their land. A coalition of tribes managed to trap the last remaining giants in a cave. While shooting arrows at them, they started a large fire at the mouth of the cave. Eventually the giants were completely wiped out. One of the richest finds of giant skeletons is in the Ohio Valley. In fact, there is no such thing as Hopewell Indians!

The land itself was owned by a farmer named Hopewell.

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Archeologists said that it was all ceremonial stuff from an unknown tribe of Native Americans so they dubbed them the Hopewell. Native Americans themselves will tell you these structures were built by giants. There are over historical accounts of giant skeletons in the Ohio Valley! Also found is Hebrew script and Sumerian symbols. The Cahokia Mounds of Ohio is the largest and most complex archeological site north of the pre-Columbian cities in Mexico. Some reach feet into the sky and more than 50 million cubic feet of earth was moved for the construction.

This complex contains the largest earthen enclosures in the world. The site itself covers acres. The Great Circle Earthwork shows advanced scientific understanding in regards to its complex construction.

Skeleton, Giant (Cloud)

The Octagon Earthworks has a complex lunar observatory. I simply want to tell you that I am new to blogging and site-building and definitely liked this web page. You absolutely have terrific article content. Thank you for sharing with us your blog site.


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