Mafia 2 definitive edition recensione: back in time

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mafia 2 definitive edition recensione: back in time

Pagina iniziale. Sfoglia Sfoglia. Vito Scaletta has started to make a name for himself on the streets of Empire Bay as someone who can be trusted to get a job done.

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Mafia II: Definitive Edition Review

Accedi oppure Apri su Steam. Include 67 achievement di Steam. Editore: 2K. Franchise: Mafia. Condividi Incorpora. Leggi le recensioni dei critici. Aggiungi al carrello. Informazioni sul gioco About Mafia II Vito Scaletta has started to make a name for himself on the streets of Empire Bay as someone who can be trusted to get a job done. Epic Gangster Story: Inspired by iconic mafia drama, the compelling characters and cinematic presentation will pull players into the allure and impossible escape of life in the Mafia.

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Mostra grafico. Offerto dai Laboratori di Steam.Read on for our Mafia 2 Definitive Edition review. You play as Vito Scaletta; a soldier returning home from World War 2 who quickly needs to pay the hefty family debt his father got after Vito went to war. Vito eventually finds himself in the crime organization, slowly building his rank to a made man. Characters are developed and are easily likable to be invested in. Missions are handed out one at a time, are grouped into chapters for story progression.

Obviously an issue with the original release and not one we would have expected to be fixed with this one, but for new players who never played it before just keep that in mind. Even still, the story is extremely enjoyable and makes it well worth a revisit at some pointespecially when the story DLC is included.

This, unfortunately, is where most of my recommendation ends for the Definite version. By no means was Mafia 2 a technical powerhouse when it released back in In fact, it was far from it and was plagued with issues then, especially with the PS3 version being significantly downgraded compared to other versions. You can take one small step to see it in action and then step back and watch everything fade away.

Running this off the PlayStation 4 Pro, the framerate is damn near unbearable at times. While the targeting frame-rate is 30fps, Mafia 2 on the PS4 Pro rarely sees that and is constantly dipping well into the single digits. Looking at the other versions, this seems to be an issue mostly isolated to the PS4 Pro, so hopefully, that means a patch is in the works to make it on par with the other platforms.

Other bugs presented in other versions such as falling through the map, characters missing animations, crashes, and odd lighting effects are still very much present in this rerelease, a missed opportunity to fine-tune. A rather frustrating chapter 14 bug also returns, prompting us to redo the mission four times in order to not trigger it during our playthrough.

Very passable, though the era setting does help with the overall clunkiness. While the story is as compelling and entertaining the first time we played it back ineverything else the game has to offer makes this one tough sell. Too many bugs, graphical issues, and performance issues all get in the way of what could have been an excellent experience. It comes off as a poor, quick port of the original, which is mostly the case and serves as a gap filler until the full remake of the first game is released.

A review copy of Mafia 2 Definitive Edition was provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PS4. Previous post Next post.

Vito believes Joe died after Mafia II

Social share. Latest From MP1st. Source: MP1st Published: July 17, - pm. Latest news. Read more. Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor Locations. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Update 1. Pin It on Pinterest.The world was first introduced to the Mafia series back in following on the heels of the genre defining Grand Theft Auto 3.

More recently ina third entry in the series was released, with all three games so far coming from different developers. As the third game was the only one on current generation consoles, 2K decided to release the three again as Mafia: Trilogy, which not only includes the upcoming remake of the first game, but also the remastered Mafia II: Definitive Edition.

While the first Mafia game was set in the s, Mafia II moves ahead to the s in a new fictional setting known as Empire Bay with a completely different cast of characters.

You play as recently discharged from the US Army Vito Scaletta, who returns to Empire Bay after two years and has to find a way to make ends meet and pay off a debt that his deceased father left his family responsible for.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

You are very quickly introduced to a close friend named Joe Barbaro and a number of other associates that introduces Vito to the mobster lifestyle and the many trials and tribulations that come with it over the next few years or so.

Even though Grand Theft Auto V came at the end of the last generation of consoles, you should not be expecting a map anywhere near that size in Mafia II: Definitive Edition. The design of the city itself is pretty typical, but fits the era that the game is set quite well. Being the Definitive Edition of the game, Mafia II looks better than ever this time around thanks to polished textures and really just about everything about the visual style.

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While the environments look much more like what you would expect from this generation of games, the character models still feel a little left behind due to their stilted movement and overall last generation look. There are definitely some improvements in this area, but there is still a pretty large gap between the second and third entries in this department.

On top of that, there are some problems with loading of textures on time as well, at least in the console version. Unlike many other similar series though, there are really no side missions along the way to take on besides the basic robbing of places and playing keep away from the cops. As a result, this makes the game feel very linear most of the time, even with the decent sized city of Empire Bay surrounding you.

The good news here though is that you also have access to all of the DLC that released for the game in the past, which includes some additional story missions as well. The gameplay in these story missions usually consists of two different parts, the drive to and from a location in a car and then some sort of other on foot segment that leads to gunfights.

Driving in Mafia II: Definitive Edition is pretty much as you would expect from this style of game, with the controls feeling a bit dated times, but still working well enough to get you from place to place. The game has its fair share of different vehicles to choose from that you can then take to body shops to change as a way to hide from the cops or just fix up for aesthetic reasons.

mafia 2 definitive edition recensione: back in time

Driving around is also enhanced with the inclusion of three radio stations that play classic songs from the era, which helps to add to the authentic experience for the time period it is set. This is a pretty neat feature that sets it apart from other series that would not allow you to do this.

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You can really rack up the stars and wanted level in the game though, which has cops following you like crazy everywhere around the town. Besides the driving, the on foot segments in the game typically end up with you having to face some sort of enemies in a gunfight, whether that may be rival gangsters or the police. In Mafia II, you have three weapon slots that you can select with the D-Pad, with the fourth direction being your bare fists for melee combat.

Gun gameplay is pretty standard fare in the game as well, where you can hide behind cover and then peek out to shoot from a third-person perspective. The game also utilizes some stealth segments as well that allows you to sneak up behind enemies and take them out silently.

As the original Mafia II was a good game, those elements manage to carry over pretty well for the most part, albeit feeling a bit dated at times. Where the issues really start to arise though are the numerous different bugs and glitches that plague Mafia II: Definitive Edition.

The aforementioned stealth segments are one area where we ran into more than one glitch, when Vito would try and grab the enemy and seem to completely miss. However, the kill animation would still happen while the enemy would even turn around and look at you before falling to his death without him appearing to be touched. From there were plenty of other glitches that were more game breaking, such as having enemies get stuck in walls that you need to kill to advance.Alongside his buddy Joe, Vito works to prove himself, quickly climbing the family ladder with crimes of larger reward, status and consequence.

Includes main game and all DLC releases. Alongside his buddy Joe, Vito works to prove himself, climbing the family ladder with crimes of larger reward, status and consequence. Golden-era Drama: Inspired by iconic mafia dramas, be immersed in the allure and impossible escape of life as a wise guy in the Mafia.

Love the free upgrade for those who bought mafia 3 back in the ,and very happy about getting mafia og update,mafia 2 update is great but with one issue when in cut scene the audio only works on left side but during nomal gameplay the audio is fine, So if u can patch this the 5 stars will go back.

Mafia looks better than ever in new Definitive Edition trailer

It's still a good game, but it should've gotten the same treatment as Mafia 1. I'ts just disappointing.

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Broken, unfinished, mess. Game runs about as smooth as sandpaper. Lags and crashes are constant, some dlc straight up will not work, especially packs. Not worth 30 or even 15 dollars in its current state. Do not buy. This is not a remaster. This is a port with drm being thrown at the player right when you start the game.

Acquista Mafia II: Definitive Edition

But the worst part is that the devs managed to take a decade old game that my granny's teapot could run at max settings and made it not work. And my god the character models. Ive seen human statues made out of bacon and flex tape set on fire and sunk to the bottom of the Marrianas Trench look more true to life.

Do youself a favor, buy the original version through the backwards compatibility function. It's the same price but it actually works. Looks decent sure, but the audio issues are ruining it. Why didn't you make this free for preexisting Mafia II owners? PC got it Game looks beautiful but I can't seem to find the DLC for Mafia 2 otherwise everything else is running smoothly UPDATE: this only started to happen to me around chapter 9 and when you're in certain vehicles or locations the textures start going all over the screen think its called screen tearing, on a one x BTW its forced me to put down the game for today because it really killed my eyes and it happened like five times within 30 minutes.

Definitely can be game breaking.Alcune storie sono destinate a vivere per sempre. In ambito videoludicoad esempio, molte saghe hanno saputo regalare gioie incredibili agli appassionati, superando soglie di apprezzamento e aspettative di partenza non sempre elevatissime. Dal punto di vista tecnico, dunque, Mafia 2 Definitive Edition non ci ha fatto gridare al miracolo e, sinceramente, forse non ce lo aspettavamo. A questo punto le nostre speranze sono tutte riposte nel remake del primo, amatissimo, capitolo della saga a cui 2K sembra aver riservato un trattamento decisamente diverso sotto questo punto di vista e non solo.

Ho imparato a conoscere l'arte del videogioco quando avevo appena sette anni, grazie all'introduzione nella mia vita di un cimelio mai dimenticato: il SEGA Master System. Chiaramente, il tutto tra un pizza e l'altra.

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Mafia 2 Definitive Edition Recensione: back in time. Salvatore Cardone Ho imparato a conoscere l'arte del videogioco quando avevo appena sette anni, grazie all'introduzione nella mia vita di un cimelio mai dimenticato: il SEGA Master System.

Recensioni 6 8 9.Mafia 2 e Mafia 3 invece sono solo rimasterizzazioni standard. Anzi, il terzo capitolo dovrebbe essere rimasto inviolato, visto che appartiene a questa generazione e avrebbe poco senso mettersi a rimasterizzarlo. Home Recensioni. Home News. May 19, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Tags: Console notizia xbox. Related Posts. Metacritic: dopo The Last of Us 2 e review bombing, recensioni degli utenti ritardate di 36 ore July 17, Halo Infinite: un emozionante teaser e un countdown verso la presentazione di Xbox Series X July 17, Next Post.

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This has been an issue with many video games, and it may be the cause of the problem here as well. If you run the game as an administrator, Windows will allow it to access any protected system file or folder that it needs to run properly.

Make sure you log into a user account with admin rights before you apply this tweak. The steps below will show you how to locate the file and perform the necessary actions:.

If you have decent specifications, go for medium settings. Graphics card driver issues are responsible for many game-related problems. You may be experiencing the lags because your driver is obsolete or damaged. You can easily get rid of the problem here by installing the updated version of the driver. Before you install the update, make sure you remove the current version, as it could be corrupt. The following steps will walk you through the process of uninstalling the GPU driver:.

Make sure you take the right steps. Windows Update does a fine job when it comes to updating the drivers of those devices that Microsoft supports. You should run it to check if there are pending updates for your system. The following steps will show you what to do:. If you want to do yourself the favor of avoiding the stress that comes with going through the Device Manager, then you have to go for a program such as Auslogics Driver Updater.

Auslogics Driver Updater is designed to handle everything as far as driver-related issues go. It carries out routine scans to find problematic or outdated device drivers in your system.

mafia 2 definitive edition recensione: back in time

Once found, these problematic drivers will be replaced by their updated versions. A trait that makes the tool stand out is that it only downloads and installs drivers that are approved by device manufacturers. Another great thing is that whenever the program performs an update, you have the option to back up the replaced driver so that you can easily roll back in the future.

You can use the Steam client to update your display driver. The steps below will walk you through the process:. The steps below will show you how to choose performance-based settings in Windows:. You can use the program provided by your graphics card manufacturer to tweak how the card processes the game. Gamers whose computers use two graphics cards found out that forcing the game to run on their dedicated cards could get rid of the performance problem.


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