Yemaya day of the week

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Yemaya day of the week

yemaya day of the week

She is the mother of all living things and the owner of all waters. She is the mother of all living things, rules over motherhood and owns all the waters of the Earth. She gave birth to the stars, the moon, the sun and most of the orishas. Yemaya makes her residence in life-giving portion of the ocean although some of her roads can be found in lagoons or lakes in the forest.

Yemaya is just as much a loving mother orisha as she is a fierce warrior that kills anyone who threatens her children. Contrary to popular belief she is not just a loving mother.

Other roads are masterful diviners that have been through marriage, divorce and back again. Some roads of Yemaya have been rape survivors, while other roads betrayed her sisters out of jealousy and spite. No matter what camino of Yemaya, all are powerful female orishas and fiercely protective mothers.

Yemaya and Oshun relate to one another like typical sisters; they love each other and also have a bit of sibling rivalry. Chango and Yemaya are inseparable.

The two of them eat together and Chango shares his wealth with Yemaya. Yemaya helped mold Chango into the wise leader he was meant to be from birth although he initially lacked the skill to rule with grace. She is one of the four pillars of the Santeria religion along with ObatalaOshun and Chango. Therefore every initiated olorisha will receive her pot with her mysteries at his kariocha initiation. An eleke for Yemaya Agana, distinguished by the use of royal blue, clear, green and coral beads.

Each road has a slightly different temperament and is found in a different place in nature. Here is but a sampling of her caminos. She lives in the sea foam where the waves crash on the shore. Her color is sky blue. She is a mighty diviner that learned how to read the composite odu by watching her husband when he divined.

Her color is turquoise or medium blue. She lives in the lakes and springs in the forest. She is a mighty warrior that fights with a machete, and enjoys rum and cigars.Protector of children and the elderly.

Patroness of fishers. The queen of the seas in the Yoruba religion is Saturday. However, the date of celebration, parties, and events in Brazil is February 2nd. Yemaya is the goddess of female fertility, resides in the waters; she also protects babies during birth. She is shown as a young woman; the vastness of her breasts indicates her fertility. Her beauty is also emphasized. She protects the family and governs the concerns we have with our loved ones.

Prayer to Yemaya

She is also called a pearl goddess and is often shown as a mermaid. On her day of celebration, February 2nd, flowers, little mirrors, bottles of perfume, combs, lipsticks are placed in small boats at sea as gifts, while prayers are made, and people wish each other more love and happiness. Queen mother of waters, great is her power, high is her strength and her light, for her children, as is the wisdom with which you rule all the oceans and seas.

With this prayer, I pray that the lady may come to my request to find love and to turn away from my course, enemies, and barriers and drown in me my fears. My sorrow and grief did not come to my home!

May her greatness be the enormous wealth you can spare me! That is why I ask you to find someone who loves me. I know that my supplication will be answered if it is just and well deserved.

Hail, Star of the Sea, most powerful goddess, the advocate of all the children who sail the troubled sea of life! Mother protector entrusts to us your retinue of auxiliaries, mermaids, nymphs, to be our guides, protectors, powerful consolation, and encouragement during the storms of earthly life.

Be our guide, our lighthouse, our protection. Be always the shining divine star that guides us, so that we may never perish nor lack the safe route that will take us away from the choppy sea of material life. Please ask to open my ways! Accept my humble devotion as a symbol of my affection and hope, so that I may walk the vital path with a clear mind and body without the harmful fluids that may hinder my activities.

Divine and sweet protector of fishers and who rules over humanity, give us protection. O sweet queen, cleanse our auras, deliver us from all temptations in our daily lives.

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Help us by discharging our materials from all impurities, and may your phalanx protect us, giving us more health and peace. Make you will be done!Known as the goddess of the ocean, the mother of all living things and the guardian of mothers and children, Yemaya is one of the most powerful Orishas worshiped in Santeria. She is a nurturing caretaker who watches over all things with a keen eye. The source of and controller of all waters, she is the quintessential mother.

yemaya day of the week

Yemaya gives life and offers support to all who inhabit the Earth. Her generous and protective nature endears her to those who worship her. Yemaya works with the Orisha Olokun to rule the sea and all of the oceans. Olokun guards the tumultuous depths of the ocean, while Yemaya protects the upper surfaces of the ocean where the light reflects and living things thrive.

She oversees the waves and the myriad of life forms that call the ocean their home. Together, these two Orishas create a balance that ebbs and flows as naturally as the tides. It is said that Yemaya can cure women of their infertility. As she creates life, she also protects it during all of its happiness and despair.

She reminds women to nurture their needs and celebrate their many gifts and strengths. The daughter of Oddudua and Obatala, Yemaya is mother to 14 Orishas, as well as Obafulom and Lyaa, the first human male and female and the ancestors of all humans. Glowing with the radiance of the sun, Yemaya appears in flowing robes of vibrant blue and white.

These colors are her favorites, as they bring to mind the rich blue waves and sea foam of the ocean. She is often depicted in a gown with seven skirts that represent the Seven Seas. She is also seen as a mermaid, with her beautiful blue tail gliding through the water and a necklace of pears and starfish around her neck. Yemaya is a lover of sea shells, pearls, fans and all things silver. Cowrie shells are sacred to her.

The animals associated with her are peacocks, seabirds, ducks, fish and goats. Call on Yemaya for issues of fertility, inspiration, acquiring ancient wisdom, blessings, compassion, inspiration, and female power. It is traditional to make Yemaya offerings and set them afloat on the water in a small boat. Write a note with your desires and thoughts on a small piece of paper.

Anoint the paper with Yemaya perfume and place it on the boat. Focus on your intentions as you send your boat out to sea for Yemaya to find.There has been a lot of discussion about mermaids lately. What was meant to be a celebratory moment for the talented artist, became a heated dialogue on social media about the validity of having a young black woman play a white animated character adapted from a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.

But the origin story of mermaids is one of diverse folklore and spirituality, that spans across the world in many different iterations, with some being of African descent.

With anchored roots in the Yoruba religion, Yemaya was brought over to the New World by enslaved Africans as early as the 16th century. Her strong and protective energy can be found virtually everywhere, but especially near oceans and lakes. Offerings for her include molasses, coconut cakes, white flowers, and watermelon. For practicing witches, Yemaya has a fierce, nurturing, gentle energy often associated with the moon and sorcery.

The History of Yemaya, Santeria's Queenly Ocean Goddess Mermaid

As the "Mother of All," she is said to help in matters of self-love, fertility, emotional wounds, trauma, and healing work. But if you cross her, disrespect her terrain, or hurt one of her children, she has a serious anger streak. The story of Yemaya was originally brought over to Cuba via the transatlantic slave trade. Under the highly-censored, Communist rule of Fidel Castro following the Cuban Revolution, the religion continued to be outlawed, and it was only until recently that it was openly recognized and legalized in the island country.

Like many religious practices outside the dominant norm, the Orishas and their symbolism, rituals, and folklore had to be kept a secret, and eventually syncretized with those of the Roman Catholic Church. And who is the reigning Lady in Catholicism? Mother Mary, of course. In iconography, both holy mother figures are shown dressed in blue and white. One seen as giving birth to the son of God and one gave birth to all living things.

Radiantly rising from the seaher dark skin shining under the moon, Yemaya rules over her domain with grace, beauty, and maternal wisdom. Yemaya is also often depicted as a mermaid. But symbols and iconography have a way of grounding the spiritual into something more tangible so that we can better understand it. And Yemaya exists outside narrow boxes of classification, outside of iconography.The waves are the ruffles of Her skirt as She dips and whirls, sometimes slow and steady and sometimes ferociously, whipping the sea and surf into a frenzy.

September 7 is Her Feast Day and throughout the world, devotees will be making pilgrimage to Her shores to pay respect, celebrate, and pray. We turn to Yemaya for nourishment, healing, cleansing, and protection.

She is stern and implacable at times, but She is also the embrace that we crave. Her soothing whispers sweep through our souls, comforting, nurturing, reassuring. Growing up in Delaware, all weekends and summers were spent at our second home at the Delaware shore.

Orisha Days of the Week

The items included were chosen intuitively, each attuning to Yemaya deeply and empathically. Orishas have very specific likes and dislikes in some cases and Yemaya is no exception. Her favorite colors are blue and white and she is frequently depicted as a mermaid. Saturday is her day of the week and her number is 7.

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If you are near the ocean, take 7 copper pennies to leave as an offering for Yemaya, particularly if you take something from the beach like rocks or seashells. In some stories, Yemaya births all of the Orishas as well as the Sun and Moon.

At the top of the Yemaya Goddess Grid is a Selenite sphere which is a lunar stone, representing the moon and tides of Yemaya. Selenite also assists with keeping emotions water in balance and facilitates higher connections. The Selenite sphere sits in a small Mother of Pearl shell that is perfect for an offering dish on an altar. The starfish is a gorgeous centerpiece for the grid. Since starfish can re-grow parts of their limbs, they remind us of the renewal offered by Goddess and Yemaya.

Nestled in between the arms of the starfish are Blue Kyanite tongues or shards. Blue Kyanite is a favorite stone of mine and brings powerful energy to enhance meditation, dreams, astral travel, and communication. This stone also brings all of the chakras into alignment when you work with it. The color and properties attune us to Yemaya who really likes to communicate through dreams. The two aqua stones on either side are Blue Tumbled Aragoniteanother treasure that aligns with Yemaya.

Blue Aragonite Crystals are beautiful. The color evokes the clearest blues of the Caribbean which is very apropos for Yemaya!

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For those seeking more discipline in their spiritual practices, Aragonite can also help give focus for that purpose. It is a stone that encourages clairaudience while also assisting you in finding your center and the answers within your own mind.

Aragonite also has significant calcium content which bring healing energy to those with diseases and health challenges. There are seven tiny quartz points in a half moon shape towards the bottom. Clear Quartz is a transmitter and brings clarity to received messages and energy. At the bottom of the grid, the Lapis Lazuli sphere is surrounded by fourteen cowrie shells. There are multiple meanings for cowrie shells and throughout centuries they have been used for decoration, jewelry, fertility practices, and even as money.

Lapis Lazuli is extremely effective when working with the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra; however, it may also be used to align all the chakras.

Use Lapis to connect further in dreams.Post a Comment. As well as the forces of nature, organs of the body, and behavior.

The Orisha also govern the days of the week.

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Below are the days of the week along with the ruling Orisha. A good day to initiate new business ventures. The best day to perform rituals for prosperity or financial success. Tuesday belongs to Ogun. Rituals for overcoming enemies or conflicts are best performed on this day. Also beneficial for business and financial events. Wednesday Ojo Riru Day of Confusion. Wednesday belongs to Oya. A bad day for new undertakings or major projects of any kind. This day as well as Saturday, is inappropriate for most ritual sacrifice.

The famous herbal black soap used to dispel evil is not used on these days out of respect for the aje witcheswho are said to hold meetings on Wednesday and Saturday. This is the proper day, however, for rituals to the witches.

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Thursday Ojo Bo Day of Fulfillment. Thursday belongs to Sango Shango.

yemaya day of the week

A perfect day for marriage. For the beginning of any long-term project. For digging the foundation for your home. For any long-term goals one needs fulfilled.

Friday Ojo Ete Day of Trouble. Friday belongs to Osun Oshun. A particular bad day for travel or moving from one home or business location to another. A good day chiefs by virtue of their intention to remain in one location for a length of time.Though any day is a good day to stay in touch with any Orisha, certain days have a special mood to them, and these affect the way we reach out. It also helps to remember all of the Orishas you know of, if you have a schedule for daily observances.

Then there are the tried and true traditions of elders in Africa and the diaspora. Over hundreds or thousands of years, the way they practice has stood the test of time in keeping people mindful and getting things done. Different regions and sects have different days of the week they consider most auspicious. If your culture has a different schedule, you should adhere to that unless it feels wrong to you or an Orisha has instructed you to change the day for your own practice.

Some cultures also have a monthly schedule or lunar schedule. Sunday: ObatalaOrunmila. Wednesday: OgunBabalu-Aye.

Goddess Devotions – Prayers to Yemaya by Kimberly F. Moore

Saturday: YemayaOshun. As it is for Jews, for Vodun practitioners as well, the day begins at sundown. So Monday, for instance, begins on Sunday night. Also, there are many more Orishas than listed here. Much knowledge has been lost, but some elders still remember. If you do, please feel free to leave a comment, ask an elder, and follow your soul.

The original Yoruba calendar was lunar, and had a four day week. The month begins on the new moon, and is counted from there. For those who are okay with a solar calendar, we have a convenient Vodun Calendar that you can subscribe to in Google Calendar. If you set it to do so, Google calendar will even send you reminders before events. I feel the spirits are reaching out to me. Thank you for your comment, Shalena.

The Orishas are forces of Nature, and you can simply give offerings or observance in any place associated with that Orisha.

How to begin to work with the Orisha Oshun

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yemaya day of the week

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